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Limestone - a sedimentary rock is organic, less chemogenic origin, consisting mainly of CaCO3 (calcium carbonate) in the form of calcite crystals of different sizes.

Part of the limestone calcium carbonate can be dissolved in water, and slowly degrade into carbon dioxide and related grounds, the first process - a key factor in the formation of karst and the second occurring at great depths under the influence of deep geothermal energy provides a source of gas for the mineral waters.

During metamorphism of limestone recrystallized to form marble.

The limestones are nummulitovymi, mshankovymi, limestone and marble - and the thin-massivnosloistymi.

Limestone - a widespread sedimentary rock, formed with the participation of living organisms in marine basins. This is a monomineralic rock composed of calcite with impurities. Name of the variety reflects the presence of limestone in it remains rock-forming organisms, the area of ​​distribution, structure (oolitic), impurities (iron), the nature of occurrence (plitnyakovye), geological age (Triassic).

Of limestone composed of whole mountain ranges of the Alps, is widely distributed in other places. At no lime light, it is usually light gray in color, but can be white or dark, almost black, blue, yellow or pink, depending on the composition of impurities.